It is said that a change is as good as a rest and whilst a new start is often refreshing, selling up and moving home is rarely restful. Not only do you have to prepare, market and sell your property, you also have to simultaneously coordinate the purchase of your new abode. That is a lot of plates to be spinning at once. And it is here when a good conveyancing team can ensure that every form is filled, every box is ticked and every call chased so that you complete on time with the minimum amount of stress.

At Fosters Law, we are experts at managing your transaction or transactions. We look after your interests and work with the chain according to your wishes.
For your reference, the process is:

Conveyancing procedure

  • 1. Take Instructions

    We take your instructions and receive details of the transaction from the Estate Agents.

  • 2. Obtain Title Deeds

    We apply for your Title Deeds. These are normally held by a Building Society or Bank if you have a Mortgage.

  • 3. Questionnaire

    We will ask you to complete a questionnaire and list of fixtures and fittings to enable us to give Property Information to the Buyer’s Solicitors.

  • 4. Preparation of Contract

    On Receipt of your Deeds we will prepare a draft Contract and send this together with the other documentation to the Buyer’s Solicitors.

  • 5. Approval of Contract and Signing Up

    When the Buyer’s Solicitors have dealt with all the searches and investigation of title, they will approve the Contract and send one copy to us. We will then ask you to call at the office or will send the document to you to sign. At that time we will take your instructions concerning a completion date. Once you have signed there may sometimes be a delay until all the other transactions in the chain are ready to exchange.

  • 6. Exchange

    Exchange takes place and the date for completion is inserted in the Contract. This is the date on or before which you must vacate your property. The property must still be insured until completion takes place.

  • 7. Signing Final Documents and Approval of Agent’s Account

    You will be asked to call at the office to sign the final transfer documents shortly before completion or alternatively it will be sent to you for signature. We will also ask you to approve the Estate Agent’s account and will then settle this from the sale proceeds at completion.

  • 8. Completion

    On completion we will report to you and let you have a statement together with a cheque or electronic bank transfer for the net sale proceeds.

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