New Homes & Multi-unit Developers

Companies working in the residential property sector have come to trust the levels of service that County Conveyancing supply.

With a specialist team dedicated to fulfilling multi unit development transactions for regional and national developers, County Conveynacing are fully experienced in the intricacies of the industry. The experienced staff within the New Homes Department have a thorough understanding of both the seller’s and buyer’s requirements, including the ability to meet tight deadlines that are often a prerequisite of both parties.

We are aware of the problems often associated with multiple unit sales and take steps to prevent their occurrence in advance. With the processes currently in place, County Conveyancing are able to achieve very quick completions; our record is 24 hours, from first instruction to completion.

Whilst experience can provide a comprehensive understanding of the process entailed in a generic home purchase, County Conveyancing will work closely with the developer, and their sales agents, to understand the particular specifications of each development and the sales requirements, thereby addressing any issues in advance of actually undertaking the transaction. County Conveyancing seek to arrange a site visit (as required) at the very outset of the matter, together with obtaining a set of contract papers as soon as those are available from the Developer’s Solicitors. At that stage, standard site enquiries can be raised, searches undertaken, and any problems overcome - hopefully even before the first units are sold.

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